Making Choices


Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead.


Sometimes you need to make hard choices. Today I had to opt between taking the boat out for what might be the last time (can you believe it gets cold in Arkansas?) or fish the way I’ve loved since I was a child. Going after cats has been a passion as long as I can remember. I dare say I’ve spent almost as much on cat poles and setups as I did on my bass boat. I guess the difference is a one time expense verse a lifetime of expenditures.

Today I choose cats. I went to a local no gas reservoir so I didn’t feel quite as bad for not bringing the boat. Problem is as much as I’ve fished for cats I’ve never been able to bring in the big ones. I’ve fished the local hot spots with bait that was working but the best I’ve ever done is a four to five pounder. I’ve had friends who’ve brought in the big ones (40-50#) but they’ve eluded me so far.

What I like best about fishing for cats is the expectation. It’s the excitement of their furtive nibbles not knowing what is under the water. It’s the slam on the line and the resulting fight that makes you think it might be the one you’ve waited for. It’s the first swish of the tail as they break water close to the bank. And if they’re big enough it’s trying to figure out how to get them on the bank to make it a legal catch.

I have to admit that being an adherent of catch and release I’ve counted fish that came off as they were lifted out of the water and hit the bank. I was going to release them anyway right?

THOUGHTS: We know life is a series of choices and choices are hard. They’re hard because each choice has both good and bad results. I’ve looked back on the choices of my life and thought I should have gone another way. But I know I made the best choice given what I thought was right. We need to make the right choice and then be willing to live with the outcomes.




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