Social Distancing

Screen shot

March 24, 2020

We are in the midst of a trying time.  The COVID-19 corona virus has resulted in a pandemic the world really hasn’t seen since the flu outbreak of 1918.  There is no vaccine.  There is no real treatment plan.  The only course of action has been to use social distancing.  This means we need to stay home except to access essential supplies or services.  Everyone admits this will not stop the spread of the virus, but hopefully it will slow it down and allow it to run it’s course.

The screen shot I provided is my new reality.  I’ve begun to work from home.  If I need anything I can order on-line and it will arrive in my mailbox (thanks to all the mail and delivery workers).   If I need groceries I can order on-line and go to the drive through pickup (thanks to all the truckers and grocery workers).  If I feel sick I can access on-line medical advice to see if I need to be tested (thanks to all the  health care providers).  If I need medication I can go to my local pharmacy drive up window for my prescription (thanks to all the pharmacy workers).  If I become very sick I can go to a hospital and be helped through my illness (thanks to all the doctors, nurses and hospital workers).  If I need spiritual support I can watch virtual worship services and Bible studies from my local church (thanks to all the pastors and support workers).

As I list the vast number of people who are there to keep me going and offer their support I realize few of these “essential services” would have been possible as little as a decade ago.   The times have changed.  We are not in the same place the world was at in 1918.

THOUGHTS:  The result of the COVID-19 pandemic is a dramatic change in how we think and interact with each other.  In seeking new ways to access essential services we have been forced to define what we see as “essential” in our life.  We have also creatively found ways to stay connected with our friends and loved ones.  The virus has forced us to practice social distancing, but we are not alone.






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