2:20 pm

Bella in the Wind

April 6, 2020

We lost our dog Bella today.  She has been in and out of the hospital several times over the last weeks as her ailments compounded and had never really recovered when she came home Friday.  It was hard to see her go but having her home for the weekend meant a lot.  This morning Melissa and I set up chairs on the driveway and carried her out to sit in the sun, one of her favorite things to do.  She wanted back inside and let Melissa and I both have time to get down on the floor with her.  She had her favorite foods, bacon from Melissa and cheese from me.  She sat up to lick my face and then went to Melissa to go outside.  When we carried her in, she laid under the bike for one last nap.  She died at 2:20.

As we were on the floor with Bella, Melissa said it gave her a new understanding on what many families are experiencing.  We have both lost parents but have always been able to be with them to say goodbye.  Over the last months as people have succumbed to the pandemic their families have watched from afar and never got that chance.

Later as we sat in the living room, we began to tell Bella stories.  We remembered our dog. The news stations have been reporting that this will be the toughest week as we face the pandemic.  It is saddening to know this is coming during Holy Week.  Now more than ever we need to listen to the health experts.  Stay home. Stay safe.

THOUGHTS:  Experiencing the loss of those we love is one of the hardest challenges we face.  We cry, we mourn, we go through the process of grief.  Yet even during our loss, we have our memories.  It is in these memories that we can find strength.  Be sure to continue making good memories with family and friends.


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