Business Part 2

April 8, 2020

I didn’t go out today and instead sheltered in place as recommended by the Governor, but I would like to follow up on the conversation began yesterday about “Business as Usual.”  As I drove through town on my way home, I passed a line of cars in a parking lot.  The lot was surrounded by orange cones and a uniformed worker stood at the front directing the cars as they entered.  I wasn’t expecting this, so I drove by before I realized it was there.  I’m always looking for something to blog about and I assumed this was one of the testing sites in town they have been announcing.  As I circled back to get a better look, I passed a large manufacturing site just off the beaten path.  The plant had recently closed and a large sign on the front declared, “For Lease.”  Coming back to the line of cars I stopped for a moment and watched as several more cars circled into the lot and were directed to a place in line.

When I arrived home, I told Melissa about the testing site I encountered.  I showed her the picture and she informed me this wasn’t people waiting to be tested for the virus.  Instead this was a massive food distribution site serving two counties.  The people waiting in the long line were hoping to get food to tide them over until the next week.  They were braving the outside in order to feed their families.

The closed factory I passed also reminded me of the stark reality of our situation.   While many factories and businesses have been able to continue production, others have been forced to suspend work if not permanently close.  Either way the workers are being put at risk.  Perhaps it’s not business as usual after all.

THOUGHTS:  There are times when I think I’m better off staying inside and not having to deal with reality.  I can work from home and this takes time and breaks up what would otherwise be long periods of monotony (even my game gets old after a while).  Then I think about all those who do not have that luxury.  Amid this crisis, aside from the virus updates, the news has been sharing uplifting stories of ways people are reaching out to others.  I take hope in how in the middle of crisis we still find ways to comfort others.  It gives me hope.  If it is possible, Stay home. Stay safe.






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