April 24, 2020

I purchased a cordless drill several years ago to help in the small construction projects I do around the house.  It came with a backup battery, so I have been careful to plug this in to charge while I use the other attached to the drill.  This has worked well and been a time saver on bigger projects as I have had to switch batteries.  Lately I have been using my drill for small jobs, things like drilling one or two screws in or out.  Since I am using the drill for such a short time, I have not been plugging the extra battery into the charger.

Melissa has been gathering pots to plant the new succulent garden.  One aspect of succulents is they need to be potted in well-drained soil.   The best way to assure draining is to drill holes in the bottom of our pots.  Melissa had been asking me to do this for several days and I finally got around to it.  I used my masonry bit and it was easy to punch holes in the plastic pots.  It also worked well on the small terra cotta pots, although I ran into a problem with the larger terra cottas.  I needed to apply pressure to drill through the pots and as the bit broke through the drill dropped onto the pot and broke the bottom out of one.

My negligence finally caught up with me.  I was trying to drill though a high-fired ceramic pot and was not having much luck.  I assumed my bit was dull, but I kept trying.  Then my drill ran out of juice.  No problem, I got my backup and plugged it into the drill.  Nothing.  Over the course of the last months this battery had gone dead as well.  I set up the charger and plugged in the battery.  When I checked several hours later the charge was complete.  I tried a couple of terra cottas and it worked well.  Then I tried the high fired pot again.  I could not drill through.  I guess this pot will not make the garden.

THOUGHTS:  My experience with drilling the pots reminded me of two good life lessons.  The first is that we need to take care of ourselves so we do not run out of juice.   This may be something you do regularly but in times of stress we need to remember to recharge.  The second is that no matter how hard we try; we cannot be all things for all people.   I have not mastered the technology or even social skills to stay ahead of the curve in the middle of the pandemic.  What I can do is my best and then not beat myself up because one of the pots will not make the garden.  If it is possible, Stay home. Stay safe.





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