May 14, 2020

Melissa is going to try and move some of the heartier succulents into a spot of shaded ground outdoors.  The tree will keep them from getting burned by the full sun, although they will need to compete with the croquis bulbs she had me plant in the same area earlier this year.  She has been reading online and believes they will have a good chance of surviving the moderately cold winters of Arkansas.  We have temperatures dip into the 20’s, but they rarely go lower.

Melissa explained to me this would be a process that would take over a week to accomplish.  I was told this as I am sometimes skeptical about whether the flowers and plants we buy will actually make it into the ground.  We have purchased a variety of plants that sit on the back porch until they die, and then we throw them out.  To be honest, I have been guilty of this as well.  I can start a project with great expectation and lose drive along the way. I also know even getting them into the ground is no guarantee.  All six of my new musk melons have succumbed.  Now I am banking on my watermelon.

The other reason I was told it was a process is because right now we have a box of succulents sitting on the chair at our front door.  Melissa knows they are an eyesore for the lawn I try care for.  It seems the plants need to take time to gradually acclimate to their surroundings.  They will sit at the front door for about a week to get used to being outside.  Then they will be moved to the spot under the tree for several days to get used to the morning sun.  Finally, they can be planted and begin their new life in the ground.  We realize we are taking a risk by planting them outside, but if they can survive, they will flourish beyond their ability in containers.

THOUGHTS:  The expectation Melissa holds for her small succulents is they will take over the entire plot under the tree, eventually pushing the bulbs aside.  Charles Dickens penultimate work is called Great Expectations, published in 1861.  The novel depicts the education of an orphan boy, Pip.  This was a time when the colonialism of Europe was at its peak, and many nations had great expectations of wealth and power.  Critics say the book is a statement on British Imperialism and affirms the idea of keeping the Empire and its peoples in their place, at the exploitable margins of British society.  Both dominant plants and people can overcome those around them.  For plants it is self-survival.  For people it is a choice.  We can choose to elevate others rather than use them for our own ends.  Now is a good time to make our choice.  If it is possible, Stay home. Stay safe.







One thought on “Expectations

  1. I am SO glad I provide fodder for your blogs…
    One day you will thank me, when you see how much you can make off these babies!!!


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