May 20, 2020

When I went out for the pool skimmer yesterday, I also stopped by the Coop and picked up a bag of potting soil and three strawberry plants.  I have tried planting melons in the bed along the bay window without luck.  My watermelon is doing fine, but I have twice planted cantaloupes and they have not survived.  The first plant was in a four-inch pot I planted along with the watermelon.  It grew for two days and then died.  The second planting was a six-pack of smaller melons that I had trouble getting out of the container.  These lasted another two or three days and then they died as well.  I took the hint; I am not going to have cantaloupes this year.

After my run in with the mock strawberries and the tales of Melissa’s mom planting strawberries I decided I would try my luck.  I know the problem she ran into was a combination of the birds and rabbits.  I believe the rabbits are gone and I have a plan to mesh the plants when the berries appear to keep the birds from decimating the crop.  I purchased Arkansas Travelers which are supposed to be ever-bearing so I should be able to have berries all summer long.

Even though I had prepared the soil for the cantaloupes I decided to do the entire process again.  I weeded and then dug up the bed and spread another 40-pound bag of potting soil over the top.  I dug the holes and placed fertilizer in them and then buried the plants “pot deep.”  The directions suggested I remove the plastic wrapper but keep the plants in their biodegradable pot.  I tore off the bottom to give the roots unimpeded access to the ground.  I am looking forward to harvesting my first berries around the first of July.  I hope third time is the charm.

THOUGHTS:  Life does not always go the way I believe it should.  I planted both sets of melons the same as I had my other plants.  The others are thriving, yet the melons died.  Sometimes no matter how we prepare, bad things happen.  When they do, I tend to try again to make it work.  However, it is like the adage, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.  If you try and make it right the second time and it does not work, that does not mean you should quit.  Perhaps you need to try a different approach.  If you venture out, stay safe.







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