May 22, 2020

One of the advantages of driving interstate three hours a day is being able to pass and be passed by the big trucks.  If you have ever had this opportunity you will relate to the wind and debris created as they pass.  That was the main reasons Melissa went for a larger car.  Along with other items the trucks also throw rocks.  While a larger car makes it safer, it does not stop the rocks from flying.  On Wednesday it happened.  A large rock hit the windshield right in front of Melissa and scared her to death.  Three days of driving and already a divot.  I told Melissa not to worry.

I took the car to the local repair shop yesterday and was told the chip was too large to fix.  I called my insurance and they walked me through contacting another shop to have the window replaced.  Our car has directional features and I was told the new windshield needed to be calibrated.  That meant I needed to take the car to their shop, and it would be a minimum of three hours to get the repair done.  I made an appointment for this morning.  When I arrived, I was told they could repair rather than replace the divot.  This would save me both time and money.  I agreed and was out in half an hour.

“Since I was already in town,” Melissa asked if I could pick up some items from the garden center.  She had found theses online and was assured they were in stock at our local location.  I arrived and went to the area they were supposed to be and only one of the three items were there.  When I asked the clerk and showed them the ad, he informed me they were “online only,” and they did not even stock these.  I bought similar items (without the price break) and then went to find my final purchase.  I laughed to myself at the four bags of Pea Gravel.  The rock that hit Melissa was obviously larger.

THOUGHTS:  We had a rock pile in our side yard when I was a boy and one of our neighborhood games was throwing rocks.  Capturing and defending the pile was key as this was the greatest resource.  When I think back, this was one more stupid things we did as children.  It resulted in many crying trips to mom and a cracked tooth for my brother.  As adults our games may change, but we still participate in stupid activities.  As the stay in orders are being lifted that does not mean we are still not at risk.  It means we need to be smart about how we behave and what we do.  Otherwise we might find ourselves hitting the windshield.  If you venture out, stay safe.

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