May 27, 2020

Melissa surprised me last night with the sweetest gift.  She has been working feverishly in the living room trying to get all the succulents into pots while I have been just as dedicated in my office working on blogs and meditations and ways to provide leadership.  We used to spend time together watching Royals baseball but that is not happening, and the shows are now reruns.  Even the “Movies” they are bringing back are exactly that.  Reruns of blockbusters I have already seen dozens of times and do not care to see again.  Amid our separation Melissa brought me a gift.  Four small cacti in a pot of their own to brighten my office.

I recall buying a small barrel cactus for my office when I worked for the state of Utah.  I figured this was the perfect plant for me because I could enjoy it without being bothered by constantly watering and caring for its needs.  It sat on my desk for over a year and never seemed to change.  One day I took a closer look at the cactus and realized it was dead.  Even though it still looked the same, it had died from lack of water.  I could not remember the last time I had watered it, but for a cactus to dry out it must have been an awfully long time.

I am determined to not let the same fate happen to the cacti Melissa gave me.   I have placed them in a nice spot next to my desk where I can be reminded.  Reminded to both water the plants and to nourish the one who gave them to me.  Since there is a hole in the bottom of the pot, I need to get a plate for it to sit on.

THOUGHTS:  The reason I was touched by Melissa’s gift was because it meant she was thinking of me.  I doubt she had purchased these cacti knowing they would find a place in my office, but amid her toil she realized I could use a lift.  We received a Thank You card from a friend that made us both feel the same way.  Saying thanks or dropping a line do not have to be labor intensive, yet they can make a world of difference to the one who knows you are trying to stay connected.  Friendships are like my office cactus, if you are not purposeful in tending to them you may one day realize they are dead.  If you venture out, stay safe.






2 thoughts on “Cactus

  1. Awe sweetheart… I’m touched!
    Actually your talk about cacti and succulents and my “failed attempts “ while we were in Kansas is my inspiration to discover my love of succs. The best method for watering is what we call “drench and drain”. The biggest killer of cacti is over watering. They do not like to have water sitting on their roots. Therefore you take the planter to the sink and drench it till ALL the water drains out, leaving no water for their “feet” roots to sit in.

    I’ll help you keep it alive!


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