June 19, 2020

Today I was finally able to get up to the Lake.  I like to fish outlet tubes and I have fond memories of the one below the dam at Blue Mountain.  Last year I was catching bass that literally jumped out of the water to attack my fly.  The difficulty with fishing tubes is I never know what the water level will be.  They are kind enough to blare and alarm horn before they open the gates.  This lets you get to higher ground before getting washed away by the surge of water.  We have not had rain in a few days so I hoped the level would be low and I could catch some big fish.

One reason I have been itching to get up is because of the YouTube videos I have watched in the last week.  These have been about monster fish this and monster fish that.  I was wanting to try my two new techniques.  I mentioned fishing with Spam (already purchased) and the other was using a Carolina Rig.  I kept hearing this was the best setup, so I finally watched a video yesterday showing how to make the rig and another on how to fish for bass with plastics.  The last time I was at this site I watched another fisherperson pull 3-4 good sized bass out of the tube.  This time I was going to get mine.

I did some work at home and when I got on the road, I saw on my maps app I would get there at noon.   This was a little later than I had hoped but still gave plenty of time before Melissa got home from work,  There were some road closures in the park but I figured they were due to being shut down until recently.  As I pulled up next to the tube my heart sank.  The water was at full surge and there was no way I could try either of my techniques today.  I went farther downstream and came across a section with a nice eddy and back flow.  I rigged up, tossed out, and immediately hung up on the rocks.  I retied and tried again, reeling in rather than letting it sink.  Rocks again.  I did finally catch a fish by putting a huge bobber on my line and letting it swirl in the current.  Even with the disappointment, I was fishing.

THOUGHTS:  I could not believe how excited I was to try the two new techniques I had learned about online.  I had spent the last several days thinking about pulling in big fish and had literally dreamed about fishing this rig.  While I was disappointed by today’s results, I knew they would work when the conditions were right.  There have been several times in America’s history when the conditions have been right to make advances against the systemic racism the founders left in our constitution.  Among these, the Civil War, the 1960s, and now.  We cannot let the disappointment of the past keep us from working to achieve the goal of equality for all, neither can we become complacent with the gap that still exists.  If you venture out, stay safe.

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