June 29, 2020

Saturday the due dates for my beans and peas came.  They have been looking close for several days and most of the beans were at a pick-able length.  The pea plants are covered in snow pods and still have a few flowers, but the plants are starting to sag, and the lower leaves are getting yellow.  I harvested Saturday and then cut the rest of the smaller growth on Sunday.  I have been looking forward to a pot of fresh beans since I planted them a couple of months ago.  This was not a huge harvest, but enough beans to make a meal for Melissa and me.

I have been saving what I thought was a ham hock in the freezer for a while.  It was in the bottom of the bin for I am not sure how long.  I got it out and put it in the refrigerator to thaw last week in anticipation of cooking the beans.  Several weeks ago, I had made beans and potatoes and had added bacon to the boil.  This was ok, but not like adding a ham hock.  Somehow the extra bone adds to the flavor of the dish.  This is what I had been anticipating.

I examined the hock closer after it had thawed and realized it was not a hock at all.  It was three large pieces of ham left over from something.  I was both disappointed and elated.  While I would not have the bone to flavor the beans, I would have enough ham for several more sandwiches.  I sliced the ham into sandwich sized pieces and then cut half of it up into smaller cubes.  The small cubes went into the pot with the beans, new potatoes, and half an onion and I put them on to boil.  Twenty minutes later we had the satisfaction of our first home grown, home cooked meal.  I have read I should be able to get another harvest if I plant again in mid-September.  I am already looking forward to another pot of beans.  Now for the snow peas.

THOUGHTS:  There are times when the anticipation is at least as much fun as the event.  This was true when I was a child.  I would wait for Christmas and anticipate what might be under the tree.  Both Dan and I would sit and hold our “big” presents from our parents at night wondering what they might be.  While I was expecting the production from the plants, the ham came as a surprising bounty.  I have found that life can hold the same expectation and even the surprise of unexpected bounty.  I have also found that you will only reap what you sow.  I hope during this time of unrest you are making sure to sow seeds of hope and reconciliation.  If you can, work to keep the conversation going.

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