July 11, 2020

My garden has not been nearly as productive as I had hoped.  The beans worked well but only produce one meal.  The peas were not as plentiful but they are sugar peas and the only thing I know to do with them is add them to salads.  My Roma tomatoes all had blossom rot and while my Beef Steaks produced, they were only the size of a quarter.  The onions are in a part of the yard that gets too much water and only a handful survived.   I guess I should be happy that the Lemon Boys are doing well.

I was pleasantly surprised I did not have more issues with animal depredation.  My main concern as my crops ripened has been bird pecks on my tomatoes.  Since most of them already have blossom rot I just throw them into the yard and let whatever wants them eat their fill.  One of the good things about growing hot peppers is few birds and insects want to munch on them.  The thing that has worked well is making fresh pico de gallo.  We have already had two batches.  It is very hot and really good.

I think I am going to chalk the entire season up as a learning experience.  I was able to learn what to do and not to do for the different species of plant.  Each had their own preferences and ways to care for them.  My gardener friend mulched all of her plants with straw, but she grows them in the ground rather than pots.  I do not believe her pots were mulched last year.  I mulched my potatoes and the berries and melon.  The strawberries and water melon have good plants but have yet to produce fruit.  I am waiting to see the result of my potatoes.  The plants are dying and that should mean maturity for the tubers.  We will see.

THOUGHTS:  One of my biggest learning experiences with the garden was finding I could not treat the variety of plants I raised in the same way.  I began watering everything daily and found for some that was too much, while others needed the extra water. Each vegetable was different in what it wanted and needed.  I do think I need to rebuild the soil in my various containers.  There needs to be more depth to allow the root systems to properly develop.  This has also been a good life lesson.  We need to develop deep roots to allow us to survive the crisis life sometimes brings.  Each of us needs to be treated according to our individual wants and needs, and that means taking time to listen to find out what those are.  Change is coming and it starts with you.

2 thoughts on “Pico

  1. Maybe you should try raised beds for your veggies. Sonya and Mike have built several and Tyler has had fantastic luck with several varieties of peppers and tomatoes. Squash is growing like crazy but not producing yet.


  2. Part of the reason for containers is an “urban gardener” approach I learned about in Wichita, to grow where you can only use containers. It was another good experiment. I am already thinking about improvements for next year. I guess it is about experimental or actually growing produce. haha. Thanks!


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