August 4, 2020

The tops of my potato plants died about ten days ago.  That is all but for two.  I have been waiting to harvest until all the plants died but gave up today and decided to tear into the dead ones.  I was not worried about leaving them in the ground as it was suggested this will help put a patina on the skin to help them stay fresh after they are harvested.  Once I got started, I got excited and went ahead and harvested all eight of the hills.  Now I have some fresh spuds for dinner.

When a new director came on, he arrived amid a “Barney Fife Day” at our office.  I tried to keep things light with Friday donuts and the occasional afternoon get together.  This time we showed taped episodes of the Andy Griffith show and everyone came dressed as one of the shows characters.  He came in and was introduced and asked who was responsible.  I proudly responded it was me.  He responded, “Let’s never do this again.”

While we never did it in the office, we did hold the First Annual Spud Days in a park up one of the nearby canyons.  This was a series of silly competitions and included the awarding of small trophies to the winners.  We also had a potluck supper which was common for our division.  The highlight for the “games” was the opening ceremonies.  Four of us dressed up in wild knee-length golfing pants (homemade naturally) and teed up baked potatoes.  We all swung at once and the potatoes went everywhere.  It was the perfect start of a night of fun.

THOUGHTS:  I have used the word Spud both lovingly and derisively.  I called my son a spud when he was born because he was so cute and cuddly.  I have called someone who seems to be brainless a spud (or Mr. Potato Head).  I marvel that in this time of pandemic our legislators are still trying to cancel what is disparaged as Obamacare.  We have 30 million people who have lost jobs and are on unemployment.  Most have either lost insurance or been forced into new insurance programs.  The only thing keeping many afloat as they struggle with the cost of fighting the disease is this program, and we are trying to make it unconstitutional.  I believe we would get a rapid response if we made these same politicians live with the insurance rates and plans most of us have.  It is past time for universal health care.  Change is coming and it starts with you.

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