August 14, 2020

After I posted my Blog on moles, I received several responses offering remedies.  Two of these concurred the reason the moles were in my yard in the first place, was to feast on the grubs and worms.  When I checked this online (my new World Book Encyclopedia) it said while you probably do not want to get rid of the beneficial effects of the worms (aeration), the pill bugs, grubs, and cut worms can be treated.  I went to the big hardware store hoping to also find a Hosta to replace the one which vanished.  They were sold out.

I have found it interesting how people differ on what is and is not acceptable to kill.  I was reluctant to kill the moles but have no problem killing the insects they feed on.  I have watched several YouTube posts dealing with fishing and came across one where the videographer explained why he does not keep the Flathead cats he loves to fish for.  He said he used to catch and keep four or five of these huge fish every time he went out, then they began to dwindle.  He eventually realized he and others like him who kept these the fish were the reason they were disappearing.  This is the main reason I practice catch and release when I go fishing.  That and I do not like to clean fish.

After a morning shower I decided this afternoon it was time to attack my mole problem.  When I put the batteries in the stakes they immediately began to buzz.  This was an intermittent loud and somewhat shrill sound.  Melissa’s comment was, “I hope the neighbors do not complain.”  I buried them as per instructions.  I put one in the empty Hosta bed and the other in the rose bush island.  This will give maximum coverage to the succulents we are concerned about.  When I dug the holes, it was obvious why we had moles.  Every shovel came up with five or six large worms.  I spread the insecticide on the north side and front of the house.  It is supposed to rain again this evening and that will set it in.  Now to wait 7-14 days to see if they go away.

THOUGHTS:  After not finding the Hosta at the big hardware garden center I checked the local garden center attached to the grocery store.  They not only did not have Hosta’s, they did not have any plants.  They had shut the center down except for the ceramics and a few plastic items.  Just like I treat certain species differently, the stores seem to take different approaches to staying open.  While some put large placards out front and directional signs to govern movement within the store, others have small government mandated signs on the entrance.  We accept the control over how to drive, drink, smoke, vape, and get on a plane.  Then we demand our freedom when it comes to dealing with the worst pandemic in 100 years.  Change is coming and it starts with you.

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