October 28, 2020

Melissa and I are great followers of baseball, and particularly the Kansas City Royals.  We waited for the season to begin with expectation as the virus shut everything down.  When it was finally decided to restart the baseball season, they limited it to 60 games.  These games were played without fans in attendance, instead using pipped in crowd noise.  Once the season ended (and the Royals were not included), they placed all the playoff teams in two separate bubbles.  The American League played games in San Diego and the National League played their games in Arlington.  These “bubbles” continued until the World Series, which was held in Arlington, Texas.  Now the fans are limited to 11,000.  I wondered how to get a ticket, and who would go?

I had never heard the phrase, “Winner, winner, chicken dinner,” until I came to Arkansas.  Down here it seems to be a popular response anytime something beneficial happens.  The exact origin of the phrase is disputed, but it may have come from gamblers.  The most popular origin story is that a chicken dinner at a Las Vegas casino used to cost $2, the same amount as a standard bet. So, if you won a bet, you won a chicken dinner.  The last time I was in Vegas, a buffet breakfast at some of the Casinos was only $1.99.  Maybe now we should say “Winner, Winner, breakfast.”  The bets are more expensive.

Tonight, we watched Game Six of the seven game series.  While Melissa found the 1-0 Score for most of the game boring, I am still a purist and like to see a pitcher battle. Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner was removed from the game during the eighth inning on Tuesday night. After the game, it was announced that Turner had tested positive for COVID-19.  It was MLB’s first positive test of the playoffs, and Turner was immediately removed from the game once the positive test result was known.  The Dodgers won 3-1 and Turner returned to the field to celebrate.  He proudly sat in the front row next to the trophy without his mask for the team picture.  He claimed to be asymptomatic.

𝗧𝗛𝗢𝗨𝗚𝗛𝗧𝗦:  It continues to amaze me how people refuse to do the little things needed to halt the spread of the virus.  The Big Ten is one game into the season and Wisconsin’s coach and 15 players tested positive, cancelling their next game.  It is believed most new cases are caused by people who are asymptomatic.  We have known since (at least) March that the virus was air borne and the best way to counter it was staying distanced and wearing a mask.  While at first wearing a mask was altruistic, we have later learned this protects you, as well as others.  There will be no Winner until we all decide to work together.  Follow the science.  Change is coming and it starts with you.

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