January 15, 2021

Last night I decided I was going to start getting up early.  I have been waking up early and going back to sleep or just staying in bed playing with my phone (crosswords!).  What I have noticed is when I do that, I never seem to get any of the projects done that I have assigned to myself.  Getting up earlier should add another couple of hours to my day and allow me the time I need.  That does not mean I will work on my projects, but at least I will not be able to blame not accomplishing things on not having enough time.  Since this is my birthday, I figured this was a good time to make a new start.  I set my alarm and hoped for the best.

Even though I had not told anyone of my new resolution, they must have gotten my unsent memo.  My mom IM’d me at 2:20 am to wish me a happy birthday.  I did not get or immediately respond to that message until much later.  Then at 5:50 am my brother wished me a Happy Birthday via text.  This woke both Melissa and I up.  I thought about getting up but that was not the definition of early I wanted to establish.  After hearing the initial beep, and the required follow up telling me I had ignored the first beep, I checked the phone and thanked him for the wishes.  This is around the time Melissa gets up anyway, so she did get up.  I managed to power nap my way back to oblivion.

When I did get up Melissa wished me a Happy Birthday, then mentioned that I was sure up early.  I guess I allowed my sleeping habit to become the norm.  This was more reason to force myself to get up early.  I got ready, read the paper, did my crossword, and had my coffee.  This gave me time to write my Blog and still be ready for my first zoom call of the day.  Even though it is windy for Arkansas, I am wanting to get out of the house and get a good start on a short birding trip.  I photographed a Road Runner last year at this location and I am hopping to see it again.  Maybe if I get back in time, I can take a nap.

Thoughts:  I have mentioned how wellness gurus tell us we need 7 ½ to 8 hours of sleep a night for our bodies to work well.  When told that Einstein only averaged 4 hours a night, one guru responded, “But think what he could have done if he had gotten enough sleep.”  I have talked about habits in the past, and now I am trying to start a new habit.  I have done it one day in a row.  At least it is a start.  A start is what we need to bring unity back to our country.  We need to be wiling to take the first step toward each other.  Even if it only comes from “you,” it still means we are coming closer together.  Do the work.  Change is coming and it starts with you.

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