March 27, 2021

With all the crazy weather we have had this year we decided to hold our annual Easter Egg Hunt a week early.  The thought was that if it rained or was too cold, we could postpone and still hold the egg hunt next weekend.  When I checked the forecast earlier in the week it said it was supposed to be nice, but the rain would start moving in by 3:00 pm.  Of course, the event was scheduled for three.  When I woke up this morning, I checked the Facebook page I found a post declaring the weather was great and the hunt was on!  I hoped this was not just wishful thinking. 

I took my son Alex to his first city-wide Egg Hunt when he was five years old.  The eggs were all spread in the open outfield of a city baseball diamond.  We arrived early and Alex joined the hoard of children lining the right field line.  While he was intent on the hunt, he made the mistake of turning around to wave at me, just as the gun went off.  The children took off across the field like a vacuum cleaner, sucking up everything in their path.  Even though he took off atter the others, the eggs were gone before he had a chance.  I felt so bad for Alex that I took him to another egg hunt in the next town.  While he did get some eggs there, it did not diminish the previous defeat.  It was not his hometown.

I showed up early to see if I could be of help with today’s egg hunt, but it was well in control.  There were three areas where the eggs were hiding.  The fenced playground was reserved for the youngest children to insure they got some eggs.  The field behind the building was recently mowed and the eggs here were spaced out but still visible.  The grass in the back half of the field was left higher and the eggs were only visible when you got close enough to look down on them.  After the children listened to a story about Easter, they walked in an orderly fashion to the field and began to spread out scanning for eggs.  I could not help but think of the difference between this egg hunt and the one Alex attended.

Thoughts:  As bad as I felt that first year, Alex’s second attempt was worse.  This time he was determined and fully concentrated on the job at hand.  As the gun sounded, he sprinted to the head of the group, scooping up eggs like a madman.  Then it happened, he tripped.  The eggs in his basket went flying and were scooped up by the same vacuum cleaner that got them the year before.  By the time he got up the eggs were all gone.  Once more we ended up at the secondary egg hunt.  I have watched as similar approaches have been taken to receive the vaccine.  Some states initially opened the shots first-come, first-served.  This caused long lines and survival of the fittest vaccine sessions.  Other states only allowed on-line registration knowing there were segments of society who did not have access.  As doses have increased, so have shots, and now more of these are being distributed to underserved populations.  We had a plan to distribute the vaccine to the states, just not a plan to provide the shot.  Do the work.  Follow the science.  Change is coming and it starts with you.

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