April 03, 2021

Yesterday was a Friday, the sun was shining, and the temperature rose into the mid 60’sF.  That made for a great day to go outside and get things done.  I mentioned that I had gotten my second vaccine shot earlier in the week, and on Friday Melissa got her first.  That means in about three weeks we will both be in the new “low risk” category if we decide to travel.  As the news on travel was announced the accompanying backdrop of the airport showed long lines of people crowded together or milling together in close proximity.  I was glad that at least as a federal travel location they were still mandated to wear their masks.  Still, the thought of jumping into this unknown mix of people overwhelmed me.  If we travel, we will probably decide to drive.

I followed through on getting new seed for my feeders that I mentioned yesterday.  While I have a variety of places where I buy seed, I wanted to get the weed and feed for the lawn and mulch for the flower beds, so I decided to go to the hardware store.  The governor has lifted the mandatory mask requirement as of Thursday, so I was not surprised to see only half of the customers or staff were wearing one.  This is despite the CDC, Fauchi, and Biden saying if we would keep wearing the masks, we could have the spread under control for a proper Independence Day.  Instead, after falling for more than two straight months the tide was overwhelmed by the recent openings.  The average number of daily covid-19 cases across the US has begun to rise again.  The group who seems hardest hit are aged 25 to 50.  That may be as few have been vaccinated, or perhaps because many of this age refuse to mask or social distance.

After getting the seed and lawn care products I needed I went home and put them to use.  The feeders were still filled so I just put the seed on the back porch.  Then I decided to tackle the weed beds out front that I had been avoiding.  As suspected when I took off the ground cover the succulent bed was overwhelmed by weeds.  Melissa came out and we got to work clearing the weeds from both beds along the front of the house.  Then I laid down three bags of mulch on the flower bed.  I had an extra bag of rock pebbles that we use on the succulent beds and I put that on the two beds along the driveway.  That gave me just enough time to do a quick mow of the weeds thrown in the yard from the beds we weeded.  While the jobs were not complete, I felt good about what we had accomplished.      

Thoughts:  As the day started yesterday, I was feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work I needed to do.  After my noon broadcast, we went to Fort Smith for Melissa, picked up supplies at the hardware, and began to tackle the yard.  I was surprised how easily the day went after I had planned it out and began mentally checking off the items being completed.  While I did not get everything done, I got enough finished that I felt good about what I did.  I have been participating in several studies on anti-racism over the last year and have found a consistent message, you need to start.  While the amount of work makes me feel overwhelmed, nothing will change if I do not start the work.  While I do not expect this to be easy, doing the work of making changes in me may help others also see the need to change.  We are all in this together.  Do the work.  Change is coming and it starts with you.

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