April 12, 2021

Melissa began feeling better last weekend, so she decided it was time to transfer some of her succulents from the back porch to outside.  We had already taken the plastic off most of the windows converting our greenhouse back into a screened porch.  The real problem was the small plants that were inside the house.  Now that they are coming out of dormancy, they need the fresh air and partial sun to propagate and thrive.  At the same time, they are still too small to risk being outside on their own in the front of the house.  That meant the larger established plants needed to be moved to the front porch to make room for the small plants on the screened porch.  Moving the larger plants has opened a lot of room for the small plants which need more attention.  Raising plants seems to always give you something to do.

When I was in college, I had a side job working as a delivery person for a furniture and appliance store.  This worked well because they allowed me to have flexible hours around my classes.  We delivered free to customers as far as 75 miles away, which meant most of my time was spent driving outside.  We would deliver the furniture and place it where it was wanted, and the appliances always needed to be set up.  That meant attaching the cords, leveling the units, and often figuring out how to get the large appliance through the small doors and narrow stairways of older homes.  Even in bad weather, it was better to be outside than stuck in the store.  

While I did help move some of Melissa’s larger pots, most of the work of transferring the succulents outside was done by Melissa.  One of the problems with watching someone else work is that it makes you feel like you should do something as well.  While I had purchased vegetable plants and potting soil to add to my containers, they had not gotten further than the kitchen counter.  After finishing the Royals game (they lost) I got up and I began the process of rebuilding the containers with extra soil and fertilizer.  I was reluctant to put the plants outside because of the cold weather forecast, but finally did move some of them.  I knew it was better for them to be outside than drying up on my counter.  Unlike succulents, vegetables take water.

Thoughts:  The part I did not like about my delivery job was when there were no deliveries to make.  That meant I would sit inside the store and do nothing.  That not only bothered me, but also my bosses.  They would decide since they were not selling and I was not busy, this was the perfect time to move furniture.  I understood how getting the bestselling pieces in the right place for viewing was important, but I also knew this was mostly busy work.  I was always happy when a customer came and needed a delivery.  It meant I was going outside.  Being outside also seems to be a good thing when trying to keep the virus spread under control.  It reduces the concentration of the germs and allows them to blow away in the wind.  Spring break again showed this year that there are limits.  Florida was forced to shut down many of its beaches and curfew bars.  Even outside it is hard to social distance when you are on the beach with 10,000 of your closest buddies.  It is not a surprise that the current rising cases are coming from a refusal to not party or wear a mask.  Follow the science.  Change is coming and it starts with you.

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