November 02, 2021

Last week Melissa decided it was time for us to break down an buy a new sofa.  The sofa and love seat we have was bought during the 2000’s so they are around 20 years old.  During this time the sofa springs had worn out and it had a plywood strip under the cushions to keep you from sinking.  The fabric was still nice, but it did look dated.  Since I am the one who sits on the sofa every night, Melissa thought it would be nice if I choose the style and researched where to find the best price.  After pouring over several alternatives, I came to the point where I needed to sit in a sofa to make a furniture decision.  We went 40 miles south to “the store we always go to” to get a better idea.

When I looked online, I found the latest trend in furniture is Microsuede, or microfiber.  This is a man-made polyester fabric that gives the look of leather.  Polyester can be made from both natural products, such as plant cuticles, and synthetics.  Microsuede is a knit blend created from fibers that are very fine, sometimes a hundred times finer than human hair.  These delicate fibers are tightly woven together to create a dense fabric that has many of the same qualities as suede leather yet is easier to clean than real suede and is usually much softer.  It is also a good alternative to leather for people who prefer to use non-animal products.  The problem I find with leather is that it retains heat and makes it easier to sweat on the hot days of summer.  Leather and water are never a good combination for looks over time.

After making the trip south I was not prepared for the display they had in front.  Being in a small town, it made sense they carried more than just furniture.  They also carried a line of bar-b-ques and smokers.  There was a large display inside the store offering the accoutrements that could allow you grill to perfection.  While that sort of made sense, I was confused by the lawn mowers that also graced the front of the store.  I could find no reference to them inside.  I guess someone had to sell mowers.  When I spoke with my mom last week, I mentioned that I was being drawn to furniture covered with the microfiber.  Apparently, she had just purchased a chair with the same fabric.  She said it was soft and was told by the salesperson that it would hold up well.  While the prices were appreciably lower, the store did not have what we really wanted.  We are still looking.

Thoughts:  When we moved to Arkansas, we decided to donate our mission style furniture to the camp where I worked.  It was still nice and gave a rustic feel to the house that was going to be rented as an additional small conference center.   We already had a house full of furniture where we were moving in Arkansas.  While I have regretted that since, it would have been more trouble to move it with us.  We all make decisions that seem right at the time, but we begin to question later.  Much of what has happened over the last several years fits this category.  People made decisions that seemed right at the time, but later proved to be wrong, and some of them tragically so.  With other decisions, we still have time to change and make it right.  Do the work.  Follow the science.  Change is coming and it starts with you.

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