December 03, 2021

With another nice day outside Melissa tempted me with the idea of going fishing again.  While I had considered the idea, I also knew I needed to take care of my yard.  It would be a lot nicer at 75F (24C) than the expected 50’sF (10C) predicted for this weekend and following.  I was the only one on the cul-de-sac who had not mulched their leaves yet (none of us rake).  The problem was, to mulch the leaves I really needed to prune the Bradford Pear and the Snowball bush.  I had pruned the pear this spring, but it was again brushing Melissa’s car turning into the driveway.  I mentioned previously, the bush had not been pruned in at least six years.  I decided I would take a progressive approach to the tasks.

One of the trending ways to hold dinner parties during the 1970’s and 1980’s was called a Progressive Party.  When I looked online, I found that even during pandemic, these parties are still trending.  The concept behind the Progressive is rather than one person hosting the party, or even guests bringing different courses to the hosts house, the guest themselves move from house to house for each course.  This means appetizers at one house, soup or salad at the next, entrée at a third, and end with desert at the last house.  The courses can be mixed or added to, but the point is to keep the party moving.  This moving feast was said to result in hours of entertainment with a limited amount of prep work for each host and spreads the cost of a multi-course dinner between the friends.  The progressive party can be simple or elaborate, inexpensive or pricey, it depends on what the guests agree before the menu is set.

I decided the best way to complete my yard work was to look at it as a progressive party (woohoo!).  Pruning the pear was my first course appetizer to protect Melissa’s roof.  Next, I decided to tackle pruning the Snowball Bush.  I had previously checked online for how to prune the bush, but it still took most of the time, so this became my entrée.  For my third course I blew the leaves out of the succulent beds and off the walks and driveway.  I have an electric (cord) blower and was unable to reach the leaves that had fallen in the street.  No problem.  I decided my desert would be the mulching mower and mulched over the street leaves as well.  There were so many leaves that I needed to make several passes over both the yard and the street.  After a very long afternoon I was able to finish as the sun was going down.  I think next time I will try Progressive Fishing.

Thoughts:  The writer of the article offered several tips and warnings concerning the progressive party.  This suggested having the party on the weekend to allow enough time.  I think Friday counts.  They suggest you needed to take time to allow people to move the next course.  I took time to sit in a chair and drink water.  The third tip was to have the locations close together to avoid spending the evening driving.  These were all in my yard.  The final suggestion was to have designated drivers if wine was being served with the meal.  My water did not need one a driver.  Even though the article was written in February 2021, there was no mention of wearing masks, social distancing, or vaccinations.  Perhaps they needed another tip.  Follow the science.  Change is coming and it starts with you.

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