January 18, 2022

Our yoyo weather continued today as temps rose to the mid-60’sF (18C) after dropping into the low 30’sF (0C) and snow over the weekend.  I had an early Zoom call for work but after lunch my seclusion got the better of me and I decided it was time to test the fishing waters again.  I dropped my recycling at the center that was closed yesterday and then loaded my fishing gear into the back seat.  One more stop to drop the donations at Goodwill and then I went to the lake to test my luck.  When I checked my app, I saw the trout have not been stocked since earlier this month.  I have mentioned they do not last long with all the anglers vying for them.  I was optimistic and figured there were a multiplicity of fish stocked in the lake.  Even if the trout were gone, I could still catch a bluegill or catfish.

Multiplicity is a 1996 American science fiction comedy film starring Michael Keaton and Andie MacDowell.  The point is a man being able to duplicate himself by machine, but each duplicate developed a different unique personality.  Despite the $45 million budget, the film received mixed reviews and only grossed a worldwide total of $21 million at the box office.  The plot has Doug Kinney (Michael Keaton) working in construction in Los Angeles and his job is constantly getting in the way of his family.  Doug meets a friendly scientist who has successfully developed a method for cloning humans.  Doug is cloned to take over the work and allow Doug to spend time with his family.  Ultimately three clones are made, and it becomes increasingly hard for Doug to hide his multiplicity.  The scheme falls apart and after order is restored the clones take off to Florida where they open a Pizza Parlor poising as triplets.  While the initial outcome of the multiplicity caused havoc, the clones reworked the outcome, so it was good for all four.

While I was not able to clone myself, I did use a multiplicity of ways to try and catch fish.  I fly fished for trout but there were none to been found.  I put out my bobber for bluegill or catfish, but they had escaped into deeper water.  At least I was vindicated as the man who arrived along with me did not catch fish either.  I noticed a few birds soaring above and since I had brought my camera, I was able to get photos of the seagulls and vultures.  I just needed to reinvent how and what I was doing to get a positive result.

Thoughts:  One of the great things about both fishing and birding is you get to enjoy nature while you do them.  If my goal had been to catch trout, or even fish, I would have failed.  Instead, my goal was to enjoy fishing which I did.  Since I brought my camera, it opened another opportunity and I added two birds to my annual list.  Even if I had not seen new birds, I was still outside enjoying the day which was my real goal.  Over the last several years I have noticed more people focusing on a specific outcome for events, and then denying the results if they are not what was desired.  When we approach life in its multiplicity, we can find positive results regardless of the outcome.  This does not mean lowering your expectations but finding joy and worth in the events themselves.  You can always learn from unexpected outcomes and work for different results next time.  Do the work.  Follow the science.  Change is coming and it starts with you.

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