April 19, 2022

Driving home last weekend, we ran into a major traffic jam two miles from our house.  This was only the third time we had left Zena by herself and were trying to hurry back.  The first time we put her in the small bathroom with a bowl of water thinking there was not too much to tear up.   We were wrong.  The bathroom looked like a bomb had gone off when we got home.  The next time we realized Zena already slept on the floor in the bedroom at night, so we put her in our bedroom.  Zena quickly settled down and was sleeping on the floor in her bed when we returned.  Still, Melissa was antsy as we crawled along the road toward the accident.  The officers were trying to divert traffic to a side exit, but most drivers did not know where the road led and decided to wait until the accident cleared.  The ones who took the exit seemed to be locals who knew the directions to get around.

When we finally got close enough Melissa took off on the exit.  This was an area Melissa had grown up driving, although it had been a long time.  Since she thought she knew the directions around the jam, I did not try to pull up a map on my phone.  Quite a few others had taken the same route and traffic was again crawling along as we approached a “cross traffic does not stop” intersection.  Most were turning right but Melissa cut across to avoid the next snarl.  We wound through a series of back roads that seemed to be taking us away from our destination.  I finally pulled up my map to see where we were going and possibly find directions to take us home. What I discovered was we were lost.

When I showed Melissa the map directions, she asked me to navigate.  The GPS took us on a convoluted route through a subdivision that finally came out about 100 yards in the opposite direction than where we started.  However, the directions assured we could get home following the route.  We backtracked along the route we had come until we finally arrived at a “t” intersection.  We had turned left, and the directions now told us to go right.  Within a mile Melissa knew exactly where we were and within five minutes, we were home.  Once more Zena had done fine without us.

𝗧𝗛𝗢𝗨𝗚𝗛𝗧𝗦:  I always hear how men struggle with asking directions, but that has never been my problem.  I was driving to a new location with my boss, and we were unsure where to turn.  I saw a sign on a house for psychic services and immediately pulled in.  I knocked on the door and asked for directions, which she gave me.  When we arrived at our destination, my boss asked how I knew she could tell us where to go, and I responded, “She would not be much of a psychic if she did not know directions would she?”  My GPS initially led us the wrong way but corrected and provided the right directions.  Other advisors people listen to give the wrong directions but rather than correcting their error, they deny they ever said it.  When the directions change the advice should change with it.  When it does not, you may want to get different advice.  Act for others.  Change is coming and it starts with you.

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