September 02, 2022

Finding a bed for Zena has been an ongoing search over the last six months.  She was only 20 pounds (9 kg) when we brought her home and she easily fit in Bella’s (our previous dog) bed.  Zena has put on 40 pounds (18 kg) since then and has outgrown several beds along the way.  Melissa first bought a larger bed that Zena loved to lay in and play with.  This had a satin bottom that could be switched over during the summer for her to stay cool and a cotton fleece to keep her warm in the winter.  Zena made a game out of chewing on the satin and dragging the bed around the house.  We tried a larger elevated bed next, but the first time Zena jumped on it the bed shot across the floor and she never trusted it after.  She went back to her old bed and her game of attack until the inevitable happened last month and the satin seam split.  I noticed Zena became quiet in the next room, and when I checked on her there was the inside stuffing all over the living room.  Zena next commandeered the beanbag I spoke of last month.  While this worked as a temporary bed, she could rarely get more then half of her length in the bed, and often ended up on the floor with just her back in the bed.  Today, a new bed for large dogs arrived.

When I looked online, I found the dog bed is now part of what has become “pet furniture”.  Pet furniture refers to furniture specifically designed for use by animals and includes pet beds, doghouses, hammocks, dog coolers, cat trees, parrot tents, and extravagant play equipment.  The global pet furniture market size is thought to be valued at US$3 billion by 2025 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.2% during that period.  This will result in increased availability of a wide range of multiuse and fashionable furniture for pets on a global level.  The rising spending on pet care in developed economies like Germany, UK, France, and North America is projected to be a key trend, and consumer demand for innovative and fashionable pet accessories like furniture is on the rise.  Over the past few years, furniture has evolved across the world and manufacturers in the industry are focusing on multi-functional and stylish product innovation to serve the requirements of pet owners.  They are following a design-driven approach, which complements the home décor of the pet owner.  We are a long way from throwing a blanket in the doghouse on a cold night.

The bed Melissa purchased complies with this trend and is specifically designed for large breed dogs.  The bed has a large area (51 by 36 inches/130 by 90 cm) for a large or even multiple smaller dogs to rest.  The bed has a high-density orthopedic egg-crate foam that is 5 inches (13 cm) high.  It is assured this would provide “maximum support and comfort for your pet’s spine and body and relieves achy joints for pain-free restorative nap and sleep times.”  The bed included a cotton fleece top for winter warmth that can be removed to provide a cool summer sleep.  The cover is removable so you can wash it without disturbing the dog’s slumber.  The bed is made of anti-tear sofa linen (we will see if that lasts) and the inner casing is waterproof so it will not hold odors.  There is a five-year guarantee with replacement or repair free of charge for one year since purchase.  I bet that does not include being ripped to shreds.

THOUGHTS:  I was not surprised to learn that North America was the largest regional market for pet beds or animal furniture, accounting for 40.0% share in 2018.  Around 68% of the US households owned a pet in 2017, with dogs and cats the most popular and accounting for more than 80% of the domestic animal population.  Fish, birds, reptiles, and horses are also adopted in significant numbers.  Many US consumers own a combination of animals, and as of 2018, 46% of the household owns more than one pet with 32% of households owning a combination of dogs and cats.  The number of pet owners markedly rose during the pandemic as no one wanted to be alone.  It seems many these owners never bothered with a pet bed and allowed the animal to curl up next to them.  Still, they must need someplace to go when the owner is away, right?  Act for all.  Change is coming and it starts with you.

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