October 13, 2022

Since we are going on a trip, we dropped Zena off at our friend’s house yesterday.  They have a sheltie dog that we had pet sit while they were away and now, they were gracious enough to board Zena for us.  Zena hopped in the back seat, I snapped on her seat restraint, rolled the back windows partially down, and we were on our way for the 20 minute ride to see “Cousin Eddie”.  When we arrived Eddie was at the side gate and started barking excitedly at the “people” who pulled into his yard.   That of course got Zena excited as she tried to get out of the car.  Melissa picked up several parcels we had brought for Zena’s stay and let Zena jump down from the jeep.  I have been walking Zena and know she can lunge against the leash when she gets excited.  Melissa had wrapped the leash around her hand and wrist to make sure she could hold Zena.  It worked.  As Zena took off, she brought Melissa along with her.  Melissa went crashing to the driveway.

We picked Melissa up and made a cursory check to make sure she was alright, then got everything into the house.  Eddie had come in to see the commotion and then Zena and Eddie went to the back yard to get reacquainted.  Zena was excited and began to chase Eddie around the yard and play fight with him.  When they first met, Zena was half the size of Eddie but now Zena towers over him.  Zena continued her rough and tumble play until Eddie had enough.  When Eddie ran it just egged Zena on, thinking it was still a game.  Then Eddie realized he could run under the porch and Zena was too big to squeeze in after him.  Then Eddie popped out the other side and the case was on again.  This happened several times until Eddie went back under the porch and waited until Zena settled down.  When he did come out, they were fine.  By the time we left they had again gotten used to each other and the rough and tumble was over.  Hopefully it will stay that way during our trip.

When we got home Melissa surveyed her damage.  She not only fell but skid along the cement drive.  She had torn the knee of her pants, had a raspberry on her right knee and elbow, and had what looked like the beginnings of a giant bruise on her left leg and hip.  Her small finger hurt and had a bruise around it which probably meant it was broken.  Melissa was preparing for a trip, but I do not think this was the type of trip she had in mind.  Thank goodness we are going on a vacation so she will have time to heal.

THOUGHTS:  My brother tells the story of the trip he took in college.  This was a semester abroad and he was going to live in southern France.  The day before he left, he fell and broke his hand.  He said when he arrived everyone greeted him with a firm handshake.  If was not a happy time.  First impressions tend to stay with others for a long time.  My brother decided it was better to make a polite first impression than to refuse to shake, despite the pain.  Being polite, or at least civil, is an important first step in creating unity.  Act for all.  Change is coming and it starts with you.

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