Cold Front

November 10, 2022

I always find it interesting how excited weather people get about inclement weather.  They will occasionally become animated when we are in a long stretch or either cold or hot weather, but the real joy seems to shine when they expect the weather to be bad.  We are at the end of meteorological fall, and it has mostly been mild in our area.  That changed with the four tornados that touched down during last week’s storm.  Two of the forecasters teamed up to explain the nuances of the storm (with coats off and sleeves rolled up) and continued well after any threat was still apparent.  This week it got better for the forecasters as the first cold front is prepared to roll in along with predicted freezing temperatures.  They have been warning us of the impending peril all week, even though the front will not arrive until tomorrow night.  Perhaps it was a good thing to have so much time to prepare.  I need to get the greenhouse set up before the cold front moves in.

I knew the first thing I needed to check was the condition of the vinal panels.  All but one of the seven panels were still in good condition, although there were a few places where the Velcro had come unattached.  Melissa checked online and found while we could have new Velcro shipped, it would take a minimum of five days for it to arrive, even with our overnight service.  I took off to the big box hardware store since I have struggled to find Velcro in bulk locally.  “Since I was going”, Melissa suggested I pick up a few other items we needed.  I easily found most of the items but forgot the spray bottles Melissa had asked me to buy (along with sending a picture and aisle location).  This just gives me an excuse to go back this weekend.  I was not surprised to find most of the garden supplies I was looking for had been replaced with Christmas displays and rows of lights waiting to be unboxed.  The store must have heard the cold front was coming.

I had been surprised how easily the greenhouse panels had gone up last year.  The panels had stored well, and the Velcro was in good shape.  Melissa helped guide the panels into place and the entire job took about an hour.  Melissa was trapped in Zoom conversations for work this year, but I figured I could do it myself.  I had been wise enough to mark the panels when I originally took them down to know how to put them up.  Some of the Velcro had come loose and had stuck the panels together and it was much slower work than it had been last year, but I was able to complete most of the job.  I still have the door panel and need to recut one of the larger panels that had torn.  I also decided to sweep out the porch and refasten several of the screens that had come loose.  Last year’s hour managed to drag into most of the afternoon.  Melissa will be able to help tomorrow, which should make finishing quick.  It should be done well before the predicted cold front.  The succulents will be happy.

THOUGHTS:  Deciding when to set up and take down the greenhouse panels is predicated both on the first cold front, and on finding time to accomplish the task.  The panels had gone up quickly with Melissa’s help, but I had struggled to set the oversized panels in place by myself.  As I slowly went about rehanging the panels, I thought about how hard jobs can often be made easier when we work with others.  This is one of the advantages still displayed in hunter-gatherer societies.  Everyone has a role and works together to ensure the various tasks are completed.  This is also true for more complex societies but is often ignored.  Act for all.  Change is coming and it starts with you.

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