The Journey Begins

A long journey begins with but a single step.


This week we took the first step on the journey that will mark the rest of our lives. I had retired two months ago but spent most of the time preparing the house to make it livable. Clearing out the old, new paint and new appliances. We got a lot done but still a lot to finish.

This week Melissa went for her final training in St Paul Minnesota. It has been a long but good week for her. As for me I’ve gotten to explore. Some sightseeing and a lot of attempts at fishing. I say attempts bec of the three days I’ve been out there is only one fish to account for.

We have been able to eat at some good restaurants in the evening and I’ve started swimming in the afternoon. All in all very relaxing for me and Melissa is doing the work she enjoys. We’ll keep you informed as things progress.


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