On the Water


Today Melissa had a day off so we went fishing. We had booked a guide on Mille Lucs while still in Arkansas. Turns out the lake is one of the premier walleye lakes in the state. We chose to fish for small mouth but it was renown for bass as well.

We hit the water at 8 in the midst of overcast and fog. The guide was a self proclaimed professional twenty something. We were skeptical but when “ya pays your money ya plays the game.” I caught a couple of small fish as the guide explained how Mille Lucs was different than other lakes. The bass took off when it was calm and sunny rather than choppy and overcast (the usual on other lakes).  We fished one proven spot after another with little luck.

As our six hour day was winding down we returned to a reef that had not yielded fish earlier. The water had calmed and the sun was bright and clear. Our guide tried a new crank bait he’d never used before. Bam Bam. Two large bass on two casts. He tied one on for me and again Bam Bam. Two fish on two casts. After several more casts the oddest of all. A large walleye slammed my bass lure. As it came up near the boat my 24” walleye was being chased by a 20” small mouth. When both saw the boat they both took off, leaving me exillerated but with no fish.

The day turned out great. The weather was perfect and the fishing ended well. Best of all Melissa and I shared a moment.

THOUGHTS: Funny how things aren’t always what they seem. I misjudged the weather and the guide but ultimately had to put my trust in both. They came through. Life is often the same. We look at the hand we’ve been dealt and only see the shortfall. When we continue to trust and follow our guide we’re able to not just make it through but to have success along the way. We can have a moment.

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