Willing to Adapt


The only constant is change.

Being my last day on the water I decided to fish one of the local lakes. I’d already tried several and they had all been productive. I moved onto the fishing pier and tried my luck with the big ones. Not surprising they were not tempted by my lure. I switched to a bobber and the action started immediately.

One of my difficulties i have is I’m not satisfied just catching fish. I like at least the possibility of size. I threw my line close to the abundant weeds in hope of enticing an errant bass. The wind blew and my line drifted and before I knew it I was in the weeds. I reeled in and my line lodged. My line came but my last bobber stayed in the weeds.

Time to try a new tactic. I rigged my pole for bottom fishing but no luck. I knew if I had my bobber I’d be catching fish. That’s when I decided to try something different. For the first time in my life I fished the bottom for bluegill. Once again I began to catch fish.

I have prided myself on my willingness to think outside the box and try new things to overcome stubborn tasks. When the traditional ways aren’t working you have to either change or continue to fail. That is true in life and I guess now I’ll have to say it’s also the case in fishing.

THOUGHTS: Far too often we face our challenges by repeating the same actions that haven’t worked in the past and hope to find a different result today. If instead we try a new approach there is a possibility for success. Worst case we will know we tried.


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