Travel Day


“You will not be given more trials than you can bear.”

I’m always apprehensive when it comes to travel day. Even when everything goes perfectly it ends up being a long and tiring ordeal. Even worse everything rarely ever goes perfect.

Today was supposed to be an easy travel. Early afternoon flight so I didn’t have to get up early and arrive before dinner so I could enjoy being home. Except it never really works that way.

It started with a pouring rain that delayed flights. We left an hour late looking forward to a 50 minute layover in Dallas. Remarkably the pilot got us to the airport 30 minutes early which left 20 minutes to change terminals and get to our gate. Next came the rush and apprehension. We were literally the last to board (and I believe they waited as long as they could) before they closed the gate. A sigh of relief and on the last leg home.

We had a great 2 weeks away but I’m glad to be home. Glad to be welcomed by our dog. Glad to be sleeping in our own bed. Glad to let the maundane become the normal once more.

THOUGHTS: It’s amazing how often things work out for the best. Even when we have bumps in the road they are mitigated by smooth spots. That’s not to say life is easy. Life is often quite hard. Life is life. We move forward and do what we believe to be the right thing. We live life.

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