Living near a military installation means getting caught up in maneuvers. Awhile back they were testing the new 150 mm cannons and today I was buzzed for two hours as a transport plane flew in circles overhead. Both were loud and noisy and also necessary.

Practice is a part of the job no matter what you do. When I played sports I practiced plays and techniques. As an historian I practiced my craft by writing. In a relationship I practice talking and listening.

There are times when practice seems boring and not worthwhile. The reason you push through is because the more you practice the easier the job becomes when it really matters. Practice is important to prepare you for the quick decisions that need to be made.

btw: I included the fish to prove to my mom I was actually catching something.

THOUGHTS: Communication is the most important practice we participate in. We need to practice talking and listening when things are going well so we’ll know how to hear and understand in the midst of disagreements. That’s true in all relationships; marriage, job, politics, and particularly now in our globalized world.


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