Eight Hours


Eight hours for work, eight hours for rest and eight hours for what we will.


Labor Day was instigated by disgruntled workers in the late nineteenth century. At the time most mining and industrial workers earned between $1-$1.50 a day and worked 10-12 hour days. They felt taken advantage of and disrespected. In response they walked off the job and took a day to honor all workers with parades, ball games and picnics. The first Monday in September was officially federally designated as a day to honor labors in 1894.

While few may recall the sacrifices that led to granting this holiday most are grateful for it’s existence. For many Labor Day Weekend is a time of final summer outings, cookouts and a last push at household projects neglected during the summer. We did most of that. We shopped for remodeling supplies and spent time with family and friends.

At times I believe our dog Bella best understands the true meaning of Labor Day and the end of summer. This is a time to sit on the back porch and reflect on life and the good times that lay ahead.

THOUGHTS: Life can race by at breakneck speed, but only if we let it. When we take time to sit back and relax it not only refreshes but prepares us for what lies ahead. The future will bring both joy and sadness. It’s not about what comes but how we handle it.

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