Best Days


Two days will rank as the best day of your life: the day you buy your boat and the day you sell it.

7B740B56-AF61-4EC9-BD9D-926AACE2CE56A7E2233A-F1C6-4B8F-BD26-A06D04AB1C74I’ve taken the plunge once again. Several years ago my brother gave me his old ski boat. I was both excited and overwhelmed. The boat had been out of the water for several years and I really didn’t know where to start to get it running again. It sat in my drive for three years until I finally abandoned hope and turned it  over to a local dealer.

Today we picked up an old 17.5’ fish and ski. This boat was also in storage but it was running and had an operable trolling motor and fish finder. The more I fish around the country the more I realize that to catch big fish you need to be on the water. That’s because of accessibility and because the fish go deeper during the summer. Now I just need to get it on the water and learn how to use it.

btw: You’ll notice Bella is ready to become a lake dog.

THOUGHTS: As in today’s example best day can be relative. It seems it’s not as much about what happens as how you perceive what’s happening. Circumstances can be turned to provide learning or failure, to provide joy or sadness. We may not be in control of all that happens but we can decide the outcome.

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