The Test


If you want to test your memory, try remembering what you were worrying about one year ago.

Having spent a majority of my life in some form of academia I’ve been involved in a variety of tests. One thing I learned the hard way is it isn’t as important what you know as what the tester wants you to know. Once you figure out what the other thinks is important it’s easier to take the test.

Another thing I’ve realized is it doesn’t matter whether or not you believe the information on the test is important. I used to give the answers to my students prior to the test. Many couldn’t understand why I did it or even if the questions answered would be on the test. My point was always the same. This is what I want you to know so you might as well learn it.

THOUGHTS: Life is like a test. As you interact with others you need to get to know them well enough to understand what’s important to them. It doesn’t matter if you believe them to be right or wrong, this is their reality. The real question is whether or not you want to continue to have a relationship with them. If you do you’ve got to be willing to pass the test, at least part of the time. If not move on knowing you also hold your own reality.


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