It’s not about how big you are it’s about how big you play.

Downsizing seems to be the latest craze in American housing. While the trend used to be constantly moving to bigger and bigger spaces it’s now ciche to move toward smaller residences. In fact we just downsized from 3200 sq ft to 2100. I have to admit however that was a move from a House way to big we were required to live in to a house we already owned. Still the downsizing required we eliminate a huge amount of clutter we’d accumulated because we had the space.

I’ve also seen people forced to downsize because of circumstances. Some due to economics moving from house to apartment to car. Others due to age moving to successively smaller spaces  as health required greater supervision. While it may be ciche to chose to downsize it’s hard to have the move forced upon you (been there as well).

Regardless of why you downsize the result of the move still comes from your attitude in the space you are in. You can decide to make the change a positive source of possibility or a negative defeat for your future. Again, I’ve had friends and loved ones who have reacted in both manners.

THOUGHTS: Life provides both good and bad. The attitude we bring to both instances determine whether we will use the event as a learning experience to progress or as a barrier to understand how to move ahead. It is all about how you play the game.

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