Senior Living

Getting old is hard but it’s better than the alternative.

I was left behind this week as Melissa scooted off to the east coast so I decided to visit a local buffet that she refuses to frequent. Just my luck there was a coupon in this mornings paper advertising a senior early bird discount. Being retired and not tied to a time schedule I decided to venture into this new world of seniors.

I arrived at @ 2:30 and was amazed by the number of cars in the lot. I saw an opening near the front door and decided to go all out in this new lifestyle and pulled in. I approached the counter and proudly displayed my coupon (NOT a download on my phone app). The space was filled with others getting a good deal on their main meal of the day. There was a lot of food for a low price, the perfect midwestern combination for a “good deal.”

What struck me more was another growing trend across America. We were mostly aging overweight consumers being waited on by young seemingly immigrant servers. This is a trend that will continue to rise as the boomers age into the golden years.

THOUGHTS: The gap between young and old as well as rich and poor continues to widen in America and between America and much of the rest of the world. Even as several companies announced this week they were raising their minimum wage to $15 an hour statistics say it will take over $27 an hour to make ends meet in today’s economy. That means living in poverty is not a choice but a reality.

Btw: this blog prompted me to leave a bigger tip.

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