Bustin’ Loose


March 27, 2020

I did it.  I broke out of my confines and took a drive.  I drove the five blocks to the bank and to the drive through restaurant window.  I knew neither of these visits were essential, but it gave me some peace of mind knowing I was able to go.  I cut myself some slack because both are within the social distancing guidelines.  What I was amazed by was the number of cars on the road.  I got right in at the bank window, but another car drove in while I was there.  There was a long line waiting for food (maybe I shouldn’t have gone at noon?) and I waited to both place my order and to have my food brought out to me.

Having to wait gave me time to think about how things have changed over the last 2 weeks.  Since I retired, I’m used to sitting at home or putzing around the house.  I could do that for days on end and never take a second thought.  Now that I’m being asked to stay home it’s somehow different.  It’s like when your mom tells you not to touch the stove because its hot (yes, sadly I did) and all you can wonder is, “How hot is it?”

Something else has changed.  When I went to both drive through windows, I was greeted by a cheery person who politely took my money.  They were busy doing their jobs just like they had done two weeks ago.  While they hadn’t changed what they were doing my attitude toward them had.  In both cases I smiled and thanked them for being there for me.  At first it seemed to rattle them, but then they too smiled and thanked me for supporting their business.  Maybe change isn’t all bad.

THOUGHTS: Change can be daunting, especially when we feel we are all alone.  It’s times like these when we realize how important it is to reach out and strengthen the contacts around us. We are blessed by the technology that surrounds us.  We can call or video chat and instantly feel at home with a friend or loved one.  When we do venture out, we can tell workers how much they are appreciated.  We can make the world a better place, one Thank You at a time.










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