March 28, 2020

As I sat on the couch watching one of the endless shows that come on Friday night TV it happened.  I broke a deep sigh (aaaaaah).  Melissa has the ability to watch TV without paying attention to what is on, concentrating on her phone or computer while understanding the show.  I’m not as good with multi-tasking.  I even tend to struggle with whether to watch the screen or read whatever is scrolling underneath the picture.  Every time I try and do both I end up missing key parts of either.  Melissa caught right on to something not being right.  “What’s the matter?” It wasn’t until she asked that I realized I had sighed out loud.  “Nothing, I’m just bored.”  “Why don’t you go play your game?”

My Game refers to an on-line strategy game I’ve been playing longer than I’ve known Melissa.  I’m sometimes embarrassed by the hours I’ve spent playing.  It wouldn’t be so bad but it tracks how long you’ve played since your initial purchase.  I had been sitting in the living room rather than going to our office so we would be together.  It’s even worse now because Melissa purchased a 27” wide screen monitor set up as a second screen for her work.  I’ve got my computer set up back there and I export my game play to the big monitor.  I can play in other locations, but playing on the big screen makes a huge difference.  It’s similar to watching a movie on IMAX and then watching on a regular screen.

Now I’d been given a pass to play my game.  I said thanks and sheepishly I walked down the hall and flipped on my big monitor.

THOUGHTS: It’s easy to become bored as we sit in the house trying to be good at social distancing.  Some of our time can be taken up watching TV or interacting through social media.  Some can be spent in conversation or reading a good book.  Yet even trying to relax during these times can be stressful.  Therapists tell us sighing is a natural way for our bodies to ease stress.  It calms us down and helps us relax.  (((SIGH)))





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