May 1, 2020

We have had a lot of rain lately and when I went out to water this morning the soil was still very wet.  I decided not to water but did some weeding in the front Hosta bed.  Even though I did not water, I still had to play with the watering system.  Melissa constructed a watering system that covers the entire yard.  It was built to water the flower beds in both the front and back yards, as well as a drip system for the hanging baskets that used to flourish on the screened porch.  It had not been used for the last years by her mom or dad.  When we moved in two years ago, I turned it on to see if it still worked.  There are parts that need refurbishing, but most sections work.  This was not a priority, so I let it go.

The first year at the house we concentrated on the interior and did not do anything to the outside except mow.  Last year we stepped it up a notch and weeded, mulched the beds and added a few flowers, but little else.  This seems to be the “big push” year.  We added the garden and planted more flowers.  The additional vegetation means additional time spent on upkeep.  The hose I use to water the container garden is not well sealed and when I water it sprays through the screens and waters the porch.  Again, not a priority, so I let it go.

It happens we have a brand new four-hose connector to attach to the faucet.   We have had it for a while but since we did not use the watering system, I had not gotten around to replacing the old one. Since the porch is now Melissa’s succulent potting area, she asked me to make the change.  This was not a big deal.  It only took five minutes to switch it out.  Now that the new one is installed; I no longer worry about spraying Melissa’s cuttings.  Maybe I should fix the rest of the watering system as well.

THOUGHTS:  There are areas of my life that could use a little work.  We have begun to eat better but I am still spotty on the exercise.  I could spend time reading but find myself on the computer working or taking care of “essential” business.  When Melissa comes home from work, we eat dinner and then usually collapse on the couch (yes, even working from home can be exhausting).   It is not that I do not have time to change these habits, it is that I choose not to change.  It is not even like these are long held habits.  Most of what I do now was not being done six weeks ago.  The problem is they are not a priority.  Maybe in our new normal this is a good time to change.  If it is possible, Stay home. Stay safe.







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