May 2, 2020

I am done, at least with the initial planting.  I fixed the last two containers and planted one side with beans and the other with peas.  Both containers had trellis’ in them so I thought they would be perfect for these climbing vines.  I used the proper spacing advised on the seed packages.  The directions suggest it will take 6-7 days for them to sprout.  I had asked Melissa to buy small packets of seed as I knew the containers were small.  Even so, I probably have enough seed left over for the next several years., that is if they stay viable that long.  I wonder because the front of the packs claim they are both packaged for 2020.   I think at least I will be able to plant for a second harvest in the fall.

Even as I put the seed into the ground I marveled at the growth of my other plants.  All eight of my potato plants have sprouted and about half of my onion sets are up.  My tomatoes and peppers are doing well, and the cilantro has exploded.  This rapid growth has made it fun to water as I can see a difference daily.  The only plant I worry about is my cantaloupe.  It is looking sort of peaked and I worry it may not make it.  If it is going to fail, I hope it does so quickly to allow me time to get back to the coop for another one.

Part of the joy I find in gardening is watching the development of the plants.  I realize I am in it for the long haul.  The peas and beans are the quickest to produce and they are 55-60 days out.  Most of the others are around 85-90 days.  That means even though I got the others in the ground a week earlier, the beans and peas will still be my first harvest.  I am not good at waiting, even though I know I have too.  I am determined to let ALL my plants mature and not rush them.  Maybe I should harvest some of the cilantro for guacamole this evening.

THOUGHTS:  Planting my garden has let me reflect on life.  Just like my different plants, each of us are unique.  We have different rates of growth and even when mature, we produce different fruit.  Some are like my cantaloupe and struggle to get a start in life while others seem to move effortlessly through life’s stages.  Our uniqueness is a good thing, how boring it would be if we were all the same!  However, our differences mean I need to deal with others based on their uniqueness.  I consider myself eclectic when it comes to philosophy, and with people.  This does not mean I cannot make up my mind, it means I hold each perspective as having value.  This also means I need to invest in others in order to see their potential to produce fruit.  If it is possible, Stay home. Stay safe.








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