May 4, 2020

Melissa’s mom always liked the birds who hung out at the house.  Her favorites were the hummingbirds and the cardinals.  I find it interesting since these two species could not be more different.  Cardinals are large birds with big beaks for breaking open seeds.  Hummingbirds are tiny with long beaks for drinking nectar from the fluted flowers.  While cardinals spend time perched on the fence the hummingbirds are always hovering.  I have seen a hummingbird perched in a bush, but I only remember this once in all my years.  Even being so different I can understand why they were her favorites.  They are mine as well.

While cleaning the back porch I not only found a bird feeder I also found three hummingbird feeders.  I previously mentioned putting seed in the bird feeder for the cardinals and the nesting wrens.  Today my project was to fill the hummingbird feeders and hang them in the back yard.  Melissa got me some red syrup and I filled them up.  There were hangers along the fence, so I placed them around the yard.  I am hoping my favorite birds will find these feeding stations and frequent the yard often.

Over the weekend we had a constant bird fight in our back yard.  We have a bird house along the fence and a pair of wrens have kept a constant vigil to protect it for the last two years.  They have been busy going in and out and I am sure they are sitting on a nest.  The trouble started with the magpie.  Last year the magpie built a nest in the snowball bush in the front yard and would dive bomb Bella every time she went outside, presumably protecting a nest.  It was not until the leaves dropped that we even knew a nest was there.  Saturday, the bird decided a squirrel was to close and pestered it unmercifully.  Next the magpie decided to attack the wrens.  The opening to the house is too small for the magpie to enter but she perched on the fence just outside and flew at the wrens whenever they peeked their heads out.  While these wars were going on, several other birds got involved in a chase as well.  The bird world was in turmoil.  Maybe they are tired of being asked to stay home.

THOUGHTS:  I have found having favorites changes my attitude.   I put out food for the birds I like.  I hope the wrens and cardinals enjoy the seed and the hummingbirds find the nectar.  I know other birds will find the stash as well, but it is not there for them.  I do not like the magpie because of how it treated Bella and even found myself feeling sorry for the squirrel who also liked to tease Bella by staying just out of reach.  These birds are acting as instinct tells them, but some I like and others I do not.   It is easy to forgive the wrens and cardinals because I like them.  It is easy to get angry with the magpie because I have decided not to like it.  I need to be thoughtful when I deal with people, lest I find myself treating them the same way.  If it is possible, Stay home. Stay safe.







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