Musk Melon

Musk Melon

May 5, 2020

Just as I thought, my cantaloupe did not make it.  It started strong but never took well to the replanting.  I planted it the same way I did my other vegetables.  I prepared the soil by loosening the dirt.  I put in the same amount of plant food.  I planted it the appropriate depth.  I spread new potting soil over the top of the area around the plant.  Still, it did not make it.  I guess I should be surprised more of my plantings did not fail rather than begrudging the loss of one, but each was planted with great expectation.

I have been on several Zoom calls and a few of the callers have had cool backdrops rather than a view of their office or kitchen wall.  I learned one of the features offered provided a variety of backdrops for your location.  The only requirement is to use a greenscreen behind your visage.  The cameras on newer computers even allow these backdrops without a greenscreen.  I tried this application and my camera did not make the grade.  One of the callers who used this feature for work mentioned they had used a green tablecloth attached to the wall behind them.

Melissa went to the store for groceries on her way home several days ago and bought a plastic tablecloth for me to create a greenscreen.  I took my mask yesterday and went to the local hardware store for pvc.  I have used pvc pipe for a variety of projects and knew this could be the foundation for my screen.  I purchased three 10’ lengths, four elbow joints, and a pipe cutter.  Taping the tablecloth to the cut lengths of pipe proved harder than I expected, but the project is finished, and my screen works.  While I was at the store, I purchased another bag of potting soil and some musk melon (cantaloupe) plants.  Once again, they only came in a six-pack tray.  I guess I had better get them in the ground before they die as well.

THOUGHTS:  While making the greenscreen for my Zoom calls was the excuse I used to get outside, the real reason was to find another plant to replace my lost cantaloupe.  The labeling as musk melon threw Melissa for a bit, but then she realized what it was.  I knew the original plant would not make it by the second day.   It went from hardy and robust to limp and wilted.  Some of the things we try in life are a success, but others do not work out.  Like my cantaloupe, they are all begun with great expectation.  I have learned from all my trials, but it seems better to live my success than to analyze my failures.  The ultimate lesson I learned is to keep trying.  Failure only wins when it makes you stop.  If it is possible, Stay home. Stay safe.







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