May 6, 2020

Last night was the coincidence of two of my favorite traditions.  Taco Tuesday fell on Cinco de Mayo.  That meant it was a great time to serve up some Tex-Mex fare.  I prepared the fixings for the tacos and the required side dishes, the guacamole, chips, and refried beans, and these were ready for Melissa when she got home from work.  My preparation of dinner is not unusual, but it has become part of our new normal.  We used to watch the news and then decide what we wanted to eat.  The conversation generally wrapped around, “No, I asked you what you want to eat.”  With her new job Melissa now texts me as she leaves work and I know I have about an hour and a half to get something ready.

My new role as chief cook and bottle washer gives me the opportunity to try new dishes.  These are also from the food supply or staples we already have on hand.  I have been looking at recipes to get new ideas for different meals.  I have never been good at cooking by a recipe.  I usually just think what might go well together and make the meal.  This rarely comes out bad, but it does have its drawbacks.  Several times Melissa has really liked what I made and asked me to make it again.  Then I must confess I do not remember what I put in the dish.

Even though tacos are a go-to meal at our house, I felt sort of sheepish about the limited menu.  I got sidetracked and did not even put out the salsa, lettuce, and tomatoes I usually serve to dress them up.  I never even thought of it until after I had already eaten my first taco.  The real reason I felt sheepish is because of the meal provided by Melissa’s work.  They had ordered takeout from a local Mexican restaurant and Melissa sent a picture of the fajitas she ordered.  They really looked good and Melissa said they were excellent.  I was told my tacos were good as well, but I had to wonder.

THOUGHTS:  As the world changes around us it is good to hold onto our traditions.  Some traditions have been in our families for many years.   Others are things we have started to help bond together.  Making tacos is one of the ways Melissa and I have found to gather around the table.  Another tradition is to attend an IMAX movie on Christmas day.  We no longer live in a town with this format, but there is one in the area.  Whether our traditions are time-honored or derived recently, they serve the purpose of bringing us closer together.  I hope we will be able to create new traditions and honor the old ones as we move forward.  If it is possible, Stay home. Stay safe.







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