June 9, 2020

The expectation I felt as I planted the various types of vegetables in my garden shifted to excitement today.  I check on the plants once or twice a day.  This lets me see if they need additional water and clean up the grass that seems to be able to grow through the straw I laid down as mulch.  I have had flowers on many of the plants and even a few small beginnings of tomatoes and peppers.  The hot spell over the weekend followed by the cooling rains left over from Cristobal (and dare I say my pruning?) have caused an explosion of growth.

I noticed this first on my strawberries, as two pink berries have arrived seemingly from nowhere.  I know for them to be there, and about a half inch in size, means I have not been paying as much attention as I might.  When I planted it was estimated the first berries would be ready to pick around July 1.  This is still three weeks away.  I realize it will take time for these small berries to be ready to pick, but it is still exciting to know they will soon be sitting on top of a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

The rapid growth of the peppers and tomatoes is what has surprised me the most.  While my Mammoth Jalapenos are not quite mammoth yet, they are getting close to eating size.  The Roma’s have taken off after the rude treatment of several days ago and the Big Boys are coming along nicely.  We have been eating a lot of Jalapenos lately and when I went to the store yesterday, I eyed the bin and wondered if I should get more.  Then I realized, hopefully I will not have to buy them for a long time.  When I checked online it said they will grow well into the fall and I should get 25-30 pods from each of my three pepper plants.  I hope my friends are ready to share the bounty.

THOUGHTS:  I have found even when I check my plants daily it is easy to miss the change that is happening.  I have marveled at how I am trained as an observer/archaeologist and still fail to see or recognize the obvious changes in my garden.  We live in a time when changes are happening in our society as well.  The pandemic has shown how quickly the earth can recover from our abuse when we stop the pollution.  The unrest has shown us abuse of others has consequences.  Some refuse to notice these changes while others deny anything is different.  I hope you can see the difference and work to insure change.  If you venture out, stay safe.

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