July 31, 2020

After I did my Wellness Check for Medicare, I received a call from the hospital saying they were trying to schedule me for an ultrasound.  This came out of left field for me as no one had mentioned anything about this in any of the three appointments I ended up having to go to.  I was also miffed as my mandatory Wellness visit had incurred charges, even after I had been informed it would be covered by insurance.  I choose to ignore their call, but they called back.

This time I asked why I needed the appointment, and of course the scheduler did not know.  I called the nurse and left a message.  She told me it was “part of the process.”  The hospital called several times and I finally made the mistake of answering and set the appointment.  After doing so, I wondered what this was going to cost.  I have changed insurance now with Melissa’s work and knew I had a high deductible.  I called and the scheduler sent me to finance.  I was assured since I now had double insurance, it would be covered.  We will see.

When I arrived for my appointment I did not know where to go.  I had been told it was “by Labor.”  I entered and had my temperature taken, then I was told I was in the wrong place.  I was given a guest band and sent down the hall to the MRI unit.  I had checked in by phone earlier, so it was a matter of waiting on the technician.  It was a quick procedure and I was out inside of an hour.  And yes, at least THEY think I am normal.

THOUGHTS:  I marvel that in this time of pandemic our legislators are still trying to cancel what is disparaged as Obamacare.  We have 30 million people who have lost jobs and are on unemployment.  Most have either lost insurance or been forced into new insurance programs.  The only thing keeping many afloat as they struggle with the cost of fighting the disease is this program, and we are trying to make it unconstitutional.  I believe we would get a rapid response if we made these same politicians live with the insurance rates and plans most of us have.  It is past time for universal health care.  Change is coming and it starts with you.

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