August 24, 2020

While I was watching the Royals the other night (during a 7-2 loss) the commentators mentioned how the first glove you ever owned always stayed with you.  It reminded me of the first glove I ever owned.  This was an old timer.  I do not remember where it came from, but I do remember how it was transformed.  I recall the glove was given to my father.  It was an old glove at the time.  It was literally five padded fingers used to soften the sting when the ball was caught, with no webbing.  I got this glove in the early 1960’s and the webbing that later became the norm came into common use between the thumb and forefinger in 1920.

I remember thinking when I first saw the glove, “How am I going to use this?”   Luckily, our small town had a saddlery shop.  My father took me to the shop, and we asked if he could weave a piece of leather between the fingers to keep them together, and then put some sort of webbing between the thumb and forefinger so I could have something that resembled a modern glove.  He was more than happy to oblige, and my first baseball glove was born.

I might be wrong, but I do not think this is the type of glove either of the announcers were referring to.  They both played professional baseball and probably never saw a pre-1920’s glove without webbing.  Instead, I came from a small town where poverty was the norm.  I never recall feeling poor or impoverished, but as I look back on my life it is obvious that was the case.  I find it interesting how what we experience as the norm is juxtaposed to what everyone else experiences.

THOUGHTS:  One of the reasons for rushing the children back into school is due to the reliance on the breakfast and lunch programs that feed 20% of children in America.  While this is a sad statement on what we call one of the most affluent nations in the world, it is a fact of life.  Yes, we need to feed children.  Yes, we need to educate children so they are prepared to enter good jobs.  I just hope we are not willing to sacrifice the children for the sake of opening the economy.  Follow the science.  Change is coming and it starts with you.

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